Why Prescriptive Analytics?

Are you looking for a new way to drive change and innovation in strategy and execution? Prescriptive Analytics is a type of Advanced Analytics that results in a recommended action. You may be trying to improve planning, reduce costs, optimize your supply chain or increase innovation. Unlike Descriptive (focused on reporting with basic trend or pattern recognition) or Predictive Analytics (focused on predicting the future with forecasting techniques), Prescriptive Analytics determines ways in which your business processes should evolve or be modified. This is crucial to make your data and business rules actionable instead of only providing insight into your data's behavior.


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Interactive dashboards in a web browser to empower your entire team with analytics.

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Tailor made always fits better. Tackle your unique needs with custom Apps.

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Make changes centrally, distribute updates instantly across your organization.

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Solve problems on the go and respond in real time from any device. 


Robust and versatile analytics to help you solve your toughest challenges quickly.


Effortlessly connect with your existing ERP, spreadsheets and other systems. 

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"EasyJet embraces optimization by using the AIMMS PRO platform in order to generate significant business value"

Carolyn McCall
CEO at easyJet

“AIMMS paved the way for a more robust supply chain planning process at Liberty Global and my future aspiration is for it to become the beating heart of our integrated planning capabilities.”

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AIMMS Technology helps clients to unlock value, increase revenue and save or avoid billions of dollars in costs in an efficient, fast and agile way. Your company is unique and so are your challenges, AIMMS Technology allows to tailor your unique business requirements into game changing supply chain apps to outpace competition. Quickly evaluate and identify the best options to tackle your most pressing challenges with sophisticated analytics that leverage mathematical modeling and scenarios while pulling from multiple data sources. You can immediately gauge, not just what is likely to happen, but what you should do about it for the best possible outcome. 

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